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[PDF, MP3, CD-EXE] Oxford Business Result

Oxford Business ResultBusiness English you can take to work today!
With its communicative syllabus, authentic business material, and expert tips from a leading management school, plus interactive multi-media, Business Result helps students learn the communication skills they need for work quickly and effectively. Communicative syllabus gives students business skills and language they can pick up and use straight away.
Real-world case studies deliver authentic insights into key business issues.
The Expert View - from Cranfield School of Management - provides expert, authoritative commentary on every case study.
Interactive Workbook on CD-ROM includes tests and exercises, plus a phrasebank, email templates, a business glossary, and extra reference material so students can personalize their learning for the workplace.
Everyone's needs are different when it comes to using English at work. The Interactive Workbook gives you practical tools to use immediately in your work by helping you to practise the language and skills from the Student's Book, and make them personal to you and your own work situation. It also helps you review and test your own progress.

John Hughes, Jon Naunton
Oxford University Press

Download [PDF, MP3, CD-EXE] Oxford Business Result:
Business Result Elementary Student's book + audio
Business Result Elementary Interactive Workbook
Business Result Elementary Teacher's book
Business Result Pre-Intermeadiate Student's book + audio
Business Result Pre-Intermeadiate Interactive Workbook
Business Result Pre-Intermeadiate Interactive Workbook DVD
Business Result Pre-Intermeadiate Teacher's book
Business Result Intermeadiate Student's book + audio
Business Result Intermeadiate Interactive Workbook
Business Result Intermeadiate Teacher's book
Business Result Intermeadiate Teacher Training DVD
Business Result Upper-Intermeadiate Student's book + audio
Business Result Upper-Intermeadiate Interactive Workbook
Business Result Upper-Intermeadiate Teacher's book
Business Result Upper-Intermeadiate Teacher Training DVD
Business Result Advanced Student's book + audio
Business Result Advanced Interactive Workbook
Business Result Advanced Video
Business Result Advanced Teacher's book
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Thank you very much for your sharing.
But somebooks do not allow to download, it redirects to other website then do not run anymore.

Bên video hướng dẫn có ô premium content, đê mình check like, nhưng khi vô trang ko có ô đó, và hỏi mình free down hay premium, nếu premium phải đợi 40 phút, vậy có đúng k? cảm ơn Trang mạng rất nhiều

Ah, đấy là 1 dạng quảng cáo khác. Còn ở đây bạn nhắn Skip ADs (bỏ qua quảng cáo), góc bên phải màn hình.
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