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tháng tám 2015

Macmillan is proud to annouce that Straightforward is complete from January 2008.
Following the publication of the Beginner and Upper Intermediate levels in January 2007, the Straightforward team is pleased to let you know about the publication of the sixth (and final) level of this great general English course.
Straightforward is Macmillan's back-to-basics, six-level general English course for adult and young adult learners. It has a clear structure and is designed to be easy for both the teacher and student to use.
A practical approach to methodology with a balanced mix of language input, skills work and oral tasks, engaging and modern topics, functional language lessons provide students with language that is useful for everyday life.

Straightforward Advanced

Многоуровневый курс английского языка для взрослых и студентов, гармонично сочетающий в себе традиционные и современные методы преподавания иностранных языков.
Straightforward отличает простое и ясное построение материала, разнообразная и интересная тематика, прагматизм в методике.
Отличительные особенности курса:
-упражнения и задания моделируют на уроке реальные ситуации общения
-каждый урок представлен на одном развороте книги
-сбалансированный подход к формированию языковых навыков и развитию речевых умений
-упражнения по развитию беглости речи у студентов
-разножанровые и увлекательные тексты, способствующие повышению мотивации студентов
-систематическая работа над формированием лексических навыков, способствующая обогащению словарного запаса учащихся
-разделы учебника содержащие задания на функциональную лексику
-разнообразная культурологическая информация, необходимая для успешной межкультурной коммуникации.

*Student's Book + 3CD
*Workbook with key + CD
*Teacher's Book + 2CD

Download ebook Straightforward Advanced Student's Book++CD-ROM
Macmillan Straightforward Advanced_CDROM
Macmillan Straightforward Advanced_StudentBook
Macmillan Straightforward Advanced_Workbook
Macmillan Straightforward Advanced_TeacherBook

Basic IELTS Listening
As far as Basic IELTS Listening is concerned, it is arranged into five units whose themes centre upon cultural and social issues of the English-speaking commnunities. Especially, a variety of text types such as dialogues, news, reports, stories, and short talks, coupled with well-designed tasks are introduced so as to facilitate actual tests in the most effective way.

Lists of new words and their Phonetic symbols are also added at the back of the book to help you not only to easily recognise the sounds on the MP3 Files but to improve your pronounciation as well. On completion of Basic IELTS Listening, you will be able to:
- do typical tasks in the IELTS Listening test,
- apply useful tips and techniques in Answering Questions of the IELTS test,
- be well prepared for gaining a higher socre in your actual exam,
- achieve your desired band score in the near future. Hopefully, you will find Basic IELTS Listening truly helpful and rewarding, and you can eventually achieve your desired goal.

Download Basic IELTS Listening Book with Audio
[lock]Basic IELTS Listening Book
Basic IELTS Listening Audio[/lock]


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