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tháng tư 2015

IELTS Advantage Speaking and Listening Skills
IELTS Advantage - Speaking and Listening Skills is a comprehensive resource for achieving 6.5 or higher in the Speaking and Listening modules of the IELTS exam. Students are guided step-by-step through the different stages of the speaking and listening modules, using lively material covering a wide range of the topics that are likely to occur in the exam. The step-by-step approach guides students to success using features such as Try it first!, Spotlight on language, Exam skills, Prepare and practise and Pronunciation focus. There are plentiful exam-practice opportunities, and students can compare model speaking tests with their own versions in order to acquire further useful ideas and strategies.

IELTS Advantage - Speaking & Listening Skills: shows students how to give the well-structured, detailed replies that examiners are looking for in the speaking module; contains numerous audio examples of model speaking test performances on the accompanying CD; covers a wide range of the key grammar and vocabulary that students will need to give their best possible performance in the exam; advises on strategies for getting the best possible score on the day of the exam; explains the formats of the listening module, and how to answer them successfully; includes exam practice material covering all parts of the listening module; and includes audio exam practice material for the listening module.

Download IELTS Advantage Speaking and Listening Skills
IELTS Advantage Speaking and Listening Skills_BOOK
IELTS Advantage Speaking and Listening Skills_AudioCD

IELTS Advantage - Reading + Writing Skills

IELTS Simulation
This IELTS simulation book creates an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about the IELTS tests and practise their English skills and helps them prepare perfectly for the IELTS test.

It includes:
- 10 Academic IELTS Practice Test
- 2 General IELTS Practice Test
- Tapescripts and Answer Keys

Download IELTS Simulation Tests book with audio
IELTS Simulation Tests_Book
IELTS Simulation Tests_Audio
IELTS Simulation Tests_PracticeTest

15 Day's Practice for IELTS Speaking
15 day's practice for IELTS Speaking - this can be considered the best IELTS books on the market today for Speaking. 15 day's practice for the IELTS speaking IELTS book in 4 volumes of 15 Day's Practice for all four skills and IELTS books "to make it worthwhile rice bowl" of the set. Today I will introduce you to the main content of the book 15 day's practice for the IELTS speaking, and more importantly, learning how to book the IELTS effective.

As the name implies, ielts exam preparation materials 15 day's practice for the IELTS speaking learning roadmap for you within 15 days for Speaking, every day will focus on one segment of the IELTS test different:

- Day 1: Speaking in general exam
- Day 2-6: Part 1
- Day 7-10: Part 2
- Day 11-14: Part 3
- Day 15: Sample Tests

Download 15 Day's Practice for IELTS Speaking book with audio

Target PET Teacher's Book + audio CD
Target PET prepares students for Cambridge ESOL’s PET exam. Essential exam practice, tips and strategies are combined with fun, communicative activities, ensuring lessons are varied and engaging – and that students are ready for their exam.
The Teacher’s Book provides lesson plans, activity ideas and exam-taking advice to accompany each spread of the Student’s Book – with answers and tapescripts right next to each activity. He lesson notes contains:
• Objectives: a summary of the main aims of each lesson
• Warmer: a warm-up activity idea to introduce the topic and elicit vocabulary that students might already know
• Extra panels: optional extra activities which provide extension or additional practice
• Background extra: cultural information which relates to the topic or photos
• Exam guide panels: a brief summary of each task type, explaining what is required of students
• Photocopiable activities: twelve worksheets (one per unit) to give extra communicative practice
• Common errors worksheets: four worksheets to provide extra practice of tricky grammar points

Download ebook Target PET – Teacher's Book + audio CD
Target PET – Teacher's Book
Target PET – audio CD

15 Day's Practice for IELTS Listening
Listening is a very important skill in the IELTS. In general, you need to have a good listening skill to be able to interact with other people. You have to understand what a person is saying to have a logical and meaningful conversation. In the IELTS listening, candidates are presented with four different tasks which evaluate their skills. To add challenge to the test, the accents used in the listening passages are Australian and British accents. How can one practice for the IELTS listening test? Is it possible to review for it within 15 days?

Download 15 Day's Practice for IELTS Listening Book with Audio
[lock]15 Day's Practice for IELTS Listening Book
15 Day's Practice for IELTS Listening AudioCD1
15 Day's Practice for IELTS Listening AudioCD2
15 Day's Practice for IELTS Listening AudioCD3
15 Day's Practice for IELTS Listening AudioCD4[/lock]

Oxford Word Skills 3 Levels
A new three-level series in which students learn and practise the words and phrases they need to know at Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Each level of Oxford Word Skills enables students to:
Key features
* See how the words are used in spoken and written English.
* Practise using the vocabulary.
* Revise what they have learned.
* Study at home or in class.
* Learn the words as preparation for major exams.
* Use the 'test yourself' card to check which words and phrases they know, and which ones need more practice.
The Super-Skills CD-ROM(*), available at each level, helps students:
* Learn how to say the words.
* Practise listening to the words and using them.
* Consolidate what they have learnt in the Students Book with linked interactive exercises.

Download Oxford Word Skills 3 Levels Full Sets Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
[lock]Oxford Word Skills_Basic
Oxford Word Skills_Intermediate
Oxford Word Skills_Advanced
Oxford Idioms and Phrasal Verbs Intermedia
Oxford Word Skills_CDROM_Basic
Oxford Word Skills_CDROM_Intermediate
Oxford Word Skills_CDROM_Advanced[/lock]

An updated and revised edition of the Objective CAE course, which prepares students for Cambridge English: Advanced, also known as Certificate in Advanced English (CAE).
The Workbook provides the extra practice and consolidation of language and skills required at this level. The Audio CD provides extra listening practice.
Objective Advanced Students Book
Key Features:
• 25 short units offer a fun, fast-paced approach to learning.
• 'Writing folders' develop the full range of writing skills needed for the CAE exam - an area many CAE candidates find challenging
• 'Exam folders' provide helpful advice for each part of the exam so that candidates are reassured that they will know what to expect in the exam and how best to tackle it.
• Regular revision units recycle grammar and vocabulary - practising language and keeping it fresh.
• The student's CD-ROM provides optional extra language and vocabulary practice in the form of new interactive activities.
• The course draws upon information from the Cambridge English Corpus to provide examples of authentic, up-to-date English, and highlights areas of the exam that students find most challenging.
• C2 level texts are highlighted for ambitious students aiming for a higher grade in the exam.
• A full practice test allows teachers to measure students' progress.

Download ebook O'Dell Felicity, Broadhead Annie - Objective Advanced Workbook with Answers with Audio CD
Objective Advanced Student_Book
Objective Advanced_Audio


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